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My name is Jimmy and I’m a filmmaker with a low tolerance for thick-witted nit witsfoolshacksbunglersincompetentsdummkopfsdunderheads & sissies.  This is my blog where I offer my experiences, insight and commentary on the filmmaking process, movies and my work as I pursue a career as a writer/director/filmmaker.

The question I am asked most is “why do people in the entertainment industry always betray their friends?”.  Of course, this is a stupid question.  Who else can you betray?  You can’t double-cross enemies.  Another question people always ask is why I chose a life of evil and rottenness.  I think it’s because when I was young, my mother refused to buy me a sled.  Why wouldn’t she buy me a sled?  Could it be because we lived in Florida?  But when all is said and done, I have been in Hollywood for over ten years.  Stealing, robbing, lying, killing, murdering.  And what did I get out of it?  Nothing.  Just a lot of fun.

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