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The Best Movies of 2008

December 22nd, 2008

It’s a little late but better late than never, right? 2008 was not a good year for movies. The Moose had to think long and hard to come up with 10 movies worthy of a Best Movies list for 2008. I failed. Here is a list of the 9 Best movies of 2008.

wall-e dvd

1. Wall-E

By far the best movie of the year, Pixar has done it again. This movie works on so many levels which is all the more amazing considering the first half of the movie has no dialogue. Simply amazing.

Let The Right One In DVD

2. Let The Right One In

This moody and atmospheric Swedish import is the best vampire movie the Moose has ever seen. It’s not about the terrors of blood and gore as much as it is about the horrors of loneliness.

Gran Torino DVD

3. Gran Torino

Both satisfying and thought provoking, Clint Eastwood shows everyone how to play to an audience’s expectations and then subvert them.

Taken DVD

4. Taken

Although released in America in 2009, Taken was produced and released in Europe in 2008, hence it’s place on this list. Producer Luc Besson and his co-writer Robert Mark Kamen have crafted a tense and satisfying kidnapping thriller which Liam Neeson improves on with his resonating performance.

Bolt DVD

5. Bolt

Disney returns to its roots with this classic animated tale that harks back to the magic of Walt Disney’s laugh and a tear philosophy.

The Ruins DVD

6. The Ruins

A good adaptation of the book, this movie will make you think twice about going off the beaten path in foreign countries. Terrifying.

Changeling DVD

7. Changeling

Clint’s second movie on this list lacks drama but makes up for it with masterfully crafted tale of one mother’s nightmare in a dark time in Los Angeles history.

Iron Man DVD

8. Iron Man

Ok, this movie isn’t great but it is great fun. Robert Downey Jr. has finally found a vehicle to tap into his energetic and spontaneous talents. Forget Mickey Rourke, this was the big comeback of 2008.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan DVD

9. You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

An unexpected comedy that combines silly and adult humor to great effect. Adam Sandler’s best and funniest movie since?Happy Gilmore.

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