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There comes a point in every writer’s career where they run out of ideas. Everything seems the same and you can’t think of an interesting story to write. It’s not exactly writer’s block so much as it is an exhaustion of ideas and inspiration. It just seems that every idea or story has already been written and that you’re just rehashing more of the same.

It’s times like these when you need to step back from your writing and relax. Take a deep breath and then immerse yourself in all the sick and perverse crap that humans do to each other. Explore the depths that human behavior will plummet to and the wide range of unthinkable deviant behavior that humans are capable of. Why? To put everything in perspective and hopefully inspire you with some new ideas because sometimes fiction can’t compete with reality and you just need to see or read about something different to start your mind racing on a new idea. And what better way to do that than by reading all the sick crap that humans are capable of at the Rotten Library.

For those of you who don’t know, the Rotten Library is a collection of articles about all the sick and perverse and deviant things that have happened in history. If it’s outside the range of what most people call “normal”, then you can find something about it here.

What is the Rotten Library? The Rotten Library is a part of the site which is a shock site operated by Soylent Communications with the slogan “An archive of disturbing illustration”. Do not go to unless you want to see shocking and disturbing images. The Moose does not recommend you visit the main site which succeeds beyond expectations your idea of a shock site.

Instead, go straight to the Rotten Library which is a less graphic portion of the site cataloging what they call “an unforgettable collection of all that mankind swore to forget, but which we have trapped in agonizing clarity to remember always.” The articles you find here are intelligently written and researched with a definite point of view and a sense of humor. They all deal with historical events, the occult, strange sexual acts, biographies of truly perverse people, terrorists, conspiracy theories, strange and disturbing facts about every day ordinary things, urban legends and more.

Some of the things you will find at the Rotten Library include articles on:

And much, much more. So visit the Rotten Library and amaze yourself at how sick the human race is. With such a wealth of funny and perverse information, you’ll be sure to rid yourself of writer’s block and a lack of ideas.

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