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What does the sublime movie Mystic River have in common with the crappy hackjob The Departed and the unneeded sequel The Pink Panther Part Deux? They were all shot in the state of Massachusetts.


So what does Massachusetts have to offer to Hollywood? Plenty. First, there’s the refundable tax credit. Massachusetts offers a unique tax credit that is both refundable or transferable. Filmmakers can take the tax credit themselves as a cash rebate at 90% of the value, or they can sell (transfer) the credit to someone else for market rates. This option is useful for filmmakers looking for financing as they can offer a tax credit for their investors in addition to equity profit participation. To make things even better, the credits has a 5 year carry forward from the year incurred. Not too shabby. And there is no cap on the tax credit. There is, however, a minimum spend of $50,000.

Massachusetts does not offer a hotel tax exemption. However, discount rates at hotels may be obtained for production by contacting the Massachusetts Film Office. All state owned locations and facilities are fee free for filmmakers and no sales tax is collected on all production related expenditures. There is an experienced crew base in Massachusetts and a selection of several sound stages and production rental houses for filmmakers to use.

on the set of Mystic River

For more information about Massachusetts filming incentives, contact:

Massachusetts Film Office
31 St. James Avenue, Suite 260
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 423-1155

Nick Paleologos
Executive Director
Phone: (617) 423-1202

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