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International Film Festivals

January 30th, 2008

Table of contents for Cinemoose Guide To Film Festivals

  1. Sundance and the Major Film Festivals
  2. International Film Festivals
  3. Film Festivals Guide Part Three: The Indie Festivals

Ok, so you’ve hit all the major film festivals with your movie. Sundance, Venice, Berlin, Cannes, and so on. What happens if you don’t get in? Don’t despair, you can always try to enter one of the larger international film festivals to stir up attention for your little film. Here is a quick guide to all the major international film festivals you should consider. A few of them even have no entry fee. How about that?


Rotterdam international Film Festival

Where: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
When: Late January-February
Deadline: November
Entry Fee: None

Top Prize: Tiger Award

One of the biggest and most significant film festivals in Europe, Rotterdam also features a film market and is a hub for discovering emerging film talent. The festival places an emphasis on films with high cultural and artistic value.


Shanghai International Film Festival

Where: Shanghai, China
When: June
Deadline: April 1, 2007
Entry Fee: None
Awards to win: Jin Jue (Golden Cup)

One of the newer film festivals, this has quickly become one of the largest film festivals in Asia and is the only international film festival in China. This festival offers excellent exposure for filmmakers and can serve as a gateway for filmmakers into China and Asian cinema.


Moscow International Film Festival

Where: Moscow, Russia
When: June
Deadline: May
Entry Fee: None

Awards to win: Golden St. George

This is the second oldest film festival in the world after the Venice Film Festival. Earn international accolades here while enjoying the vodka and Russian nightlife in the most expensive city in the world.


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Where: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
When: July
Deadline: April
Entry Fee: None

Situated in the spa resort town of Karlovy Vary, you can enjoy a night of films and partying and then relax during the day in one of the many mineral spas the city is known for. This is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and the most significant one in Central and Eastern Europe.

Top Prize: Crystal Globe


Montreal World Film Festival

Where: Montreal, Canada
When: Late August-September
Deadline: July
Entry Fee: $75 CAD

Top Prize: Grand Prix des Amériques

This is a high profile international film festival where many films are discovered. The focus here is on world cinema and there are many competitions at this festival reflecting that focus. This festival features very few studio films from Hollywood.


London Film Festival

Where: London, UK
When: October
Deadline: July

This is the largest film festival in the UK and one of the largest public film events in Europe. While there is no top prize, awards given of note include:

  • The Times BFI London Film Festival Grierson Award- For the best feature-length documentary.
  • FIPRESCI International Critics Award- Advancing the art of cinema and rewarding talent.
  • The Sutherland Trophy- For the most original and imaginative first feature.
  • The Annual Satyajit Ray Award- For a first-time feature director whose film best captures the artistry, compassion and humanity of Ray’s vision.


San Sebastian International Film Festival

Where: San Sebastián, Spain
When: September
Deadline: July

Top Prize: Golden Seashell

Set in the Spanish city of San Sebastián, this film festival has been an “A” status film festival since 1957. San Sebastián serves as a showcase for innovative films and has been called one of the most beautiful film festivals in the world.

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