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Hollywood Lit Sales

July 18th, 2008

Ever wonder how much screenplays are being sold for? Or what type of stories are being sold at the moment? There used to be many great screenwriter resources where you could find all of this information for free. Not anymore.

Many of those screenwriting sites have gone to a paid subscriber format. It’s a harsh world and that’s a tough pill to swallow for many struggling writers. But you shouldn’t really worry as there is still one free script sales archive available online – Hollywood Lit Sales. This isn’t the greatest site in the world, but it’s free. Here you can go through their sales archive and look at every script sold as reported by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. Does that mean they list every script sold? No. Just the ones reported in the Hollywood trades.

The good news is that the sales archive is searchable. You can filter your script sales search by parameters such as agent, agency, writer’s name, date, buyer, producer, etc. You can even search by writer’s first sale, which is especially useful for fledgling screenwriters interested in seeing how much their stories are worth.

In addition to the script sales archive, there is also a free Story Database that lets producers or whoever search for a type of story. Will you or your story be discovered by a producer and bought through this service? Highly inconceivable but stranger things can happen. The Moose, personally, would not submit to this database as almost any producer who is capable of greenlighting a film or buying your script has a giant stack of scripts that they need to read from established writers. I doubt that they would spend their free time trolling through a free database that anyone can submit when they could be spending time with their kids.

Hollywood Lit Sales also has many other features such as a advice forum and a coverage service. Not really useful, but they are providing you with a service for free. Why not get your script covered by them and subsidize their site? If the coverage is useful, then all the better.

In actuality, the only other useful feature on this site other than the searchable script sales archive is their Hollywood Address Book and their Examples page. The Hollywood Lit Sales Address Book is essentially a bare bones version of the Hollywood Creative Directory. It lists agencies, management companies, production companies, entertainment law firms and guilds. Their Examples page gives examples for a basic screenwriting page, a bad query letter, a good query letter and the script title page. All in all, this site is a decent resource for screenwriters if you just ignore the lame advice they try to give.

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