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David Mamet is many things. Pulitzer-prize winner. Oscar-nominated screenwriter. Movie director. Jujutsu freak. Yeah, you read that right.The man is 60, yet he trains in the rough and tumble art of Brazilian jujutsu. In fact, there’s an article in The Jewish Journal about how Mamet grapples with his Rabbi. It kind of makes you rethink the stereotypical image of the nerdy writer at the coffee shop, doesn’t it? In fact, Mamet has a quote about writers today in the April issue of GQ:

“Y’know, I grew up in a different generation. I grew up after World War II, and boys did different things in those days. You went camping. You went hunting. You boxed. And the image of a writer, to someone starting off in those days, was not some schmuck who went to graduate school. It was Jack London, Nelson Algren, Ernest Hemingway. Especially coming from Chicago–a writer was a knock-around guy. Someone who got a job as a reporter or drove a cab. I think the reason there are a lot of novels about How Mean My Mother Was To Me…is because the writers may have learned something called ‘technique,’ but they’ve neglected to have a life. What…are they gonna write about?”

The Moose is a huge fan of Mamet and his work and am very excited to see his next movie, Redbelt, described by Mamet himself as an American samurai movie in the tradition of Kurosawa. While I can’t stand Kurosawa, I think it will be interesting to see how Mamet tackles the martial arts genre.


I read the script and found many things to like. The story is not as good as House Of Games, The Spanish Prisoner or Heist but it is still better than most scripts I have read. I will say that, from reading the script, it seems that Mamet suffers from the same idealized notions of martial arts as other white men who idolize Asian martial arts. You can read the screenplay for Redbelt here: Redbelt script.

Redbelt opens in Los Angeles and New York on May 2nd and everywhere else on May 9.

More trailers can be found here: Redbelt trailers.

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