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At an average of ninety to a hundred and twenty pages a screenplays, printing your scripts can quickly become a costly endeavor. For example, if you went to your local FedEx Kinko’s, it could cost you between $9 and $12 to print out your script from a digital file. That’s quite expensive for most struggling writers.

Not to worry, there’s a printing company in Los Angeles called Digital Express that caters to the entertainment industry. Using the web address, Digital Express offers printing from digital files at the low price of 2¢ a page.

Digital Express

That comes out to $1.80 to $2.40 for your average script. Quite a savings compared to your local FedEx Kinkos. On top of that, Digital Express will add script covers and bind your screenplays with brass brads for a professional presentation for a nominal fee (10¢ for white covers, 20¢ for the brads).

Best of all, Digital Express can ship your copies to you if you don’t live in Los Angeles. They can also directly submit your scripts to screenwriting contests, agents, studios and production companies. All you have to do is include a cover letter and address with your script file and they will print, bind and mail your babies directly to whomever you want. You can even print your script on different color pages to help you keep track of all the revisions. It’s as simple as emailing your script files to them and they’ll take care of the rest.

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